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Sparkling Starfruit Jar

Sparkling Starfruit Jar

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Scent Description: Sparkling and bubbly champagne kick off this floral scent mixed with starfruit. Hints of wild jasmine and our personal favorite, peonies, are at the heart of this fragrance. The base combines soothing amber, sandalwood and a hint of musk. This is one of those candles you line your bathtub with and relax with a glass of wine and bubbles...lots of bubbles! 

  • Top Notes: Starfruit and champagne
  • Heart Notes: Peonies and wild jasmine
  • Bottom Notes: Amber, sandalwood and musk

Ingredients: We use a natural Soy Wax that is eco friendly, sustainable and GMO Free. This is our own proprietary recipe that produces a beautiful candle with optimal hot and cold throw. 

Our wicks are cotton and lead and zinc free for a clean burn. Although the wicks are self trimming we always recommend trimming wicks to a 1/4" before each burn.

We've tested fragrances rigorously to find the highest quality and top grade for our candles. Striving for perfection in each candle, thorough testing is done before a new fragrance is launched. So you can rest assured you're getting the very best.


Candle Care and Best Practices: 

*Before lighting you candle read the warning label on the bottom of the candle.

*Always set your candle on a heat resistant surface, this will help prevent glass containers from cracking or breaking.

*Never burn your candle all the way down, discontinue burning when 1/2" of wax remains in the container.

*Never use water to extinguish a candle, a candle snuffer is best. Make sure the candle is completely out and the wick ember is no longer glowing before leaving the room.

*To avoid tunneling always burn the candle until a complete wax pool is achieved (the wax is melted all the way to edge of the container).

*Never burn a candle longer than 4 hours and allow it to cool at least 2 hours before relighting for maximum burn time.