About Us

Our Purpose...

We have a vision for our shop that’s steeped in family traditions and grounded in faith. We want to help you create a space in your home that’s inviting and focuses on connecting with family and friends. That happens best around the table, kitchen and family room! Who doesn’t love good food and finding a comfy spot on the couch to relax?! That is what Hygge is all about and why we’ve embraced this Danish concept wholeheartedly… and you should too!


What is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) is Danish by origin but experienced world-wide. It’s best described as that feeling of coziness that gives you all the feels around the Christmas season… but its meant to be felt year-round. Finding joy in the simple things in life, being present and being with those you love. You’ve probably felt the Hygge vibes if you’ve ever snuggled under a warm blanket on a snowy day with a steamy cup of coffee or tea... or maybe nestled on the couch in a rain storm and enjoying a good book. Sunday family dinner - YEP! Making Christmas cookies with the fam - YEP! Summer BBQ’s with friends - YEP! Whether time spent alone or gathered with family, Hygge is key to a happy life! Just ask the Danes!!! Join our #hyggehomeclub and learn to appreciate the #slowdownlife , embrace the simple things and make your home life-giving, relaxing and a refuge for friends and family. 

What’s Next…

Candles are THE MAIN ingredient for experiencing Hyggelig. At Light of Life Shop we want to provide you with the items needed to get your Hygge on! So we’ve mastered the art of hand pouring coconut-soy candles so you can create the most inviting space for you, your family and your friends.

We will be adding other home decor and home essentials as we find the right products that match our vision. So go get your Hygge on and tag us in your photos so we can see all the memories you are creating. Use hashtag #LOLStraditions .